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Drum Circle with Ange in Roosevelt

Sunday, December 3, from 3:30 to 5:00 PM

Your kids have probably already told you about the guy who came to the school to drum with them and their classmates last school year.  That was Ange Chianese, one of our Artists in Residence presenters.  He is returning on Sunday, December 3, 2023 for a program of "Drumming for Everyone" at the Roosevelt Public School.  


This is a family-friendly event, open to both adults and children of all ages.  It will be an interactive program with attendees participating as both audience and performers (for those willing to switch seats with the inner "drum circle" and have fun in a non-judgmental, inclusive environment).  We will start with the youngest group and progress to the older ones and then add adults.


The drums and a bunch of percussion instruments will be supplied by Ange.  You are also invited/encouraged to bring any "found" or "improvised" shakers/bangers/bells you might find around your home or tool shed for your turn in the center circle.  Even if you don't see yourself as one of the "spotlight" performers, bring them anyway for the final closing with everyone playing together!


And, although we might not believe we are already drummers (hearts beating, feet tapping, hands clapping, etc.) and tempted to label this program "Drumming for Dummies", you may, instead, discover your "inner child, genius" drummer in the space of just 90 minutes time!  Surprise!!


Admission is free.  Suggested donation of $10 for adults gratefully accepted.  Children ride completely free of charge!

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