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The Roosevelt Arts Project relies almost exclusively on tax-deductible donations from you, the public. Please consider making a contribution to allow us to continue to present the arts to the greater Roosevelt area.

Mailing Address:

Roosevelt Arts Project

P.O. Box 5

Roosevelt, NJ 08555

You can also support RAP by purchasing any of the items listed below.

$10 (+ $5 postage)

  • Benjamin Brown: In Pursuit of the Cooperative Dream (DVD)
    2 hour, 17 minute multi-media documentary reading by Ben Johnson*

  • Jersey Homesteads: In the Architectural Vanguard (DVD) – Ben Johnson on Roosevelt architecture includes a second DVD: Reinterpreted: Early

      Construction at Jersey Homesteads*

  • Roosevelt String Band – David Brahinsky & Friends (CD)

  • Radiance Revealed – David Brahinsky (CD)

  • Ron Orlando & Mystery Train (CD)

  • Because – Mark Zuckerman (CD)

$5 (+ $3 postage)

  • Appearing By Daylight – David Herrstrom (poetry)

  • Leaves – Roosevelt Poets (poetry)

$3 (+ $1 postage)

  • Jacob Landau Postcard – Oracle II, 2001 (art card)

  • Mural Postcard – Ben Shahn mural in the Roosevelt Public School (art card)

Note: All orders should be sent to P.O. Box 5, Roosevelt, NJ 08555. Be sure to

include your mailing address for purchases.

* Starred items are also available as YouTube videos from our Town page.

Heidi Monteleone


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