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Sheila Linz

I have lived in Roosevelt in an original building with my husband and four cats since 2001. I love it here! I love my Roosevelt house. I love waking up looking at preserved green land, listening to birds and seeing hawks, deer and other wildlife in my back yard. I came to Roosevelt after living in NYC for twenty five years. I still enjoy going back to the city, and I always enjoy coming back to the quiet of home.

I paint and draw what I find to be beautiful, mostly nature and people. I experiment with materials. Many of my pieces are mixed media. I like to use beeswax as part of my materials. When I paint on it the effect becomes translucent and multi-dimensional. I went to art school when I was young, worked as a photo stylist and taught art to people with psychiatric illness for many years. I became a psychiatric nurse practitioner and now teach psychiatric nursing full time at a university.

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