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Neil Selden *

Neil R. Selden wrote the original Someone's Comin' Hungry with his collaborator, McCrea Imbrie, both of them residing in Roosevelt for many years. The play appeared Off-Broadway starring Blythe Danner and Cleavon Little.

Neil and McCrea Imbrie also wrote Car and Raincheck, which were performed at the Berlin Festival and in other parts of Germany. Car and Raincheck also appeared at the American Conservatory Theatre in San Francisco, the Actor's Studio, and several regional theatres. A full-length version of Car, by Neil, was performed as an Equity Showcase at the Pelican theatre in Manhattan.

Neil's musical drama Ocean In A Teacup was performed in the Chernuchin Theatre of the American Theater of Actors, and more recently as concert readings at the Mint Theatre and the Producer's Club. Neil's play Sam Dead appeared in the Greenwich Street Theatre and the American Theatre of Actors.

Mister Shandy, Clearing and The Feeling Shop, written with McCrea Imbrie, appeared variously at the Roundabout Theatre, The Actor's Studio and the Ensemble Studio Theatre.

The film version of Neil's novel The Great Love Experiment appeared on national television; his other published books include: Last Kiss In April; Drawing The Dead; Taxi Driver; Flood; and Secrets. He is the recipient of the Wisconsin Library Poetry award, the Audrey Wood Best Play award and the Jean Dalrymple Best Play award. His feature film, Final Gifts, written and directed by him, and produced by his wife Lee, has garnered praise in six feature film festivals.

Neil has written a number of movie scripts, including Someone's Comin' Hungry (a completely new version); You Call This Love?; Sam Dead; Car; Roll, China, Roll! He is currently developing five new feature filmscripts: Buddhaful Kisses, Ocean In A Teacup, The Day The War Went Away, and Especially Love, and Unemployment Blues. He has also produced a collection of poems, Especially Love, and a soon-to-be published love story: When First I Kissed You Everywhere, about which George Leonard, author of Education and Ecstasy, wrote: "Sexual love between man and woman has never been more poetically, earthily, beautifully and romantically explored."

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