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Judith McNally

Judith McNally retired from teaching Creative Writing in the New York and Princeton areas, has published a novel, Jigsaw (Macmillan 1981) and is the recipient of an NJ State Council on the Arts Prose Fellowship. Her first play, Birdland, about Charlie Parker, was optioned by the New Federal Theatre, NYC. Her poems and short dialogues—micrologues—have appeared in US1 Worksheets and have been read widely in the New York and Princeton areas.

"I started writing micrologues in 1991, for three reasons. 1) Many years ago, a professor said to me, "Characters and plots are a dime a dozen. What we need are new forms, and new ways of being." This remark stayed with me for a long time. 2) An elderly friend had said to me, "A conversation ought to go back and forth like a ping pong game." 3) Because I was beginning to feel like I was being made into a flapping ear for some of the non-stop talkers in my life. I wanted to show that there was another way to have a conversation."

A collection of her favorite micrologues called Chopping without Chopping: Micrologues, is now available in paperback from

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