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The Roosevelt Arts Project (RAP) is a collaborative venture of friends and neighbors in and around Roosevelt, New Jersey. Bringing together artists in a variety of media, our mission is to foster collaboration and present their work to the public.

Founded in 1986 by the nationally known artists, Bernarda Bryson Shahn and Jacob Landau, and others including writers and musicians, the Roosevelt Arts Project presents a series of annual events. This varied series premieres new works by Roosevelt playwrights, painters and potters, folk singers, poets, and composers, as well as experimental collaborations.

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Our June 8 event,
Slavery Trail, has been postponed until further notice.

We'll announce its rescheduling soon. Please check back for updated information.

Here’s an opportunity to see a slideshow of our art exhibition, "Image First," which took place at the Roosevelt Public School lobby in June of 2022.


Barbara Atwood


Ron Kostar

Roosevelt painters submitted works and writers and musicians responded with poems and musical pieces that were presented alongside the paintings.


Please join us  for the 37th annual concert of 


  Roosevelt String Band

 Sunday, May 5, 2024, 

3 P.M.

Roosevelt Municipal Building

 33 N. Rochdale Ave, Roosevelt, NJ.

Band members 

 Ed Ceder, Joe Pepitone, Nancy Wilson, Noemi Bolton, 

Guy DeRosa, David Brahinsky

We'll  be honoring  and remembering original band member 

Paul Prestopino, who passed away this past summer, with a song he introduced us to, "Empty Pockets Blues," recorded by The Weavers.

The concert will be recorded for YouTube.

A contribution of 10 dollars is requested

Hope to see you there.


Videographer Eric Vuolle captured the entire RAP Open Mic concert on August 19. He just posted it on YouTube. Click the image and watch the show!

Occasion of Loons


The plaintive cry of a loon across an Adirondack lake is the inspiration for this new collaboration by poet David Herrstrom and soundman Ron Kostar, produced by Ben Johnson.

To view videos of past historical conversations, visit the Collaborations page on this website.


The Roosevelt String Band is back in their old home base, Roosevelt Borough Hall. Formed in 1987, the RSB with some of its original members performs Canadian folk in this first post-Covid concert. The folk music is interspersed with interviews with some of the long-time band members including founders, David Brahinsky, Paul Prestopino and Ed Cedar.

Go to:

In Case You Missed It

Taken All Too Soon

Listen to the video of Alan Mallach's February 26, 2022 recital, in which he performs the works of gifted composers who died in their twenties. In order of performance, works featured include piano sonatas by George Frederick Pinto and Norbert Burgmuller, Three Pieces for Piano by Lili Boulanger, and conclude with the Piano Sonata of Guillaume Lekeu. An encore features a prelude by Yulian Scriabin (son of the famous composer), who tragically died at the age of 12.

Jacob Landau's Stained Glass Windows

A Talk by David Herrstrom is now available on YouTube.
The nationally-known Roosevelt artist Jacob Landau created 10 breathtaking windows,

which he titled "The Prophetic Quest," for a synagogue in Elkins Park, PA. Each one is 23'

high and 5' wide featuring a Hebrew prophet's quest for justice. This video of the talk was made possible by the architectural photographer Tom Crane and the videographer Eric Vuolle.

The Roosevelt Mural

The mural shown in the header was created by Ben Shahn in 1937-38 to commemorate the New Deal resettlement community of Jersey Homesteads, now called Roosevelt, N.J. The mural can still be seen in the Roosevelt Public School. As one of the first and finest art works in the town, it is only appropriate that it should serve as the header for the RAP site.

NEW: a video of the excellent talk given by Alan Mallach about the mural as part of RAP's 25th anniversary celebration is now available.


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Revised COVID Guidelines: For most events masks are not required.

Jacob Landau's Stained Glass Windows: A Talk by David Herrstrom

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